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Published Stories

Behind the Wall of Sleep: Sleep can be restful and fitful, friendly or fearful, restless or peaceful.   Read about it here.

What lies beneath New England's charming veneer that makes it the premier setting for horror stories?

To find out, read Who's Afraid of New England.

Ugly War.jpeg

There's nothing comic about war. Ironically, Nadir Balan's illustrations graphically depict it.

A tour-de-force allegory of 9/11 is The Toast of New Britain


Shapers of Taste - Food for Thought Conference, Tokyo 2017


Out of the shadows and into the mainstream - ghosthunters are busier than ever.

Connecticut has the dubious distinction of hanging women for accused witchcraft 40 years before Salem, Massachusetts.  Read about it here.

How do non-Christians deal with Christmas?   Read The Christmastime Effect.

Tropical Fruit Dessert

Delassant Dinner Parties -  A review of The Art of Entertaining, a Relais & Chateaux book.

Just leave your clothes in the car and experience the sun washing over all of you.  You'll find a non-judgmental atmosphere at Solair Resort.

He encourages you to touch and climb his sculptures. With more than 100 of them on 4+ acres, he hopes to engage your mind as well.

Read Gil Boro, sculptor extraordinaire.

Fresh Water Crisis:  Imagine you could not take a shower every day – because there is no water. Villagers in Malawi walk miles to fill jugs - and it may not be clean water!

Educating the Whole Child: Today’s teens may face more social, sexual and ethical challenges than any preceding generation.  Read how anxiety is weighing on them.

When art depicts human tragedy it can be especially haunting. Read about Ireland's Great Hunger Museum.

A sailing troubadour offers small intimate charters in Noank, CT - with music to soothe your spirit.

Read The Sailing Troubadour.

Bibliophile's Nirvana - This used book store has a startling array from classics to erotica to comic books to audio books.

With no formal culinary training, this man has evolved to become a king of cuisine, operating one of Connecticut's most highly regarded restaurants, River Tavern.

Il meglio dell'Italia - two Italian Connecticut restaurants on the shoreline serve up dishes steeped in history: one inspired by the Renaissance, one by his grandmother's recipes.

See Coastal Connecticut

A new generation that reflects America's diversity is carrying on the tradition of the music that inspired a revolution.  Read about The Deep River Muster.

Kicking Cancer

Imagine being 48 years old and told you have stage-4 colon cancer? Yet more than 15 years later, this man is playing tennis and living life to its fullest. Read his inspiring story here.

At this Chinese restaurant in Clinton, CT, authenticity is the antidote to saucy pretenders.  Check out Taste of China.

This hard working woman heads out in her boat at 6:30 a.m. six days a week to gather tasty mollusks for Connecticut restaurants.  Clamming is her trade.

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