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About Me

I live in the historic and picturesque village of Ivoryton, Connecticut. Writing in the 'real world' is a relatively new pursuit for me. I'm fortunate to be retired from the corporate world, where for several years I published a newsletter for 1,500 employees twice a week, doing all the writing, editing, layout and design. Many other writing assignments for upper management, the corporate headquarters and the company website ensured full hectic days of constantly working on deadlines. But it was very fulfilling and rewarding.


Now I'm fortunate to be writing for regional magazines like Artscope of Boston and INK of Connecticut. I'm grateful for this enriching experience. I really enjoy digging in on topics that require research. My goal is to uncover new information or an angle that didn't receive much attention in the past and present it from a fresh, thought-provoking perspective. 


Stories of human interest on topics of culture and history particularly interest me. Portraying people's feelings and how they are affected by societal, cultural or historical pressures will hopefully lead to better understanding or perhaps help resolve thorny issues.

I look forward to discussing your part-time or freelance assignments to write stories, articles and content for magazines, journals and websites.

I am a member of the International Association of Professional Writers & Editors. IAPWE

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