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In every man's writings,

the character of the writer must lie recorded.       

- Thomas Carlyle, 19th century writer

I approach my writing with empathy. I seek to understand people's feelings and portray how they are affected by societal, cultural or historical pressures. Topics of interest include perspectives on culture, fresh looks at history, society's challenges, art, memoirs and memorial tributes.

Behind the wall of sleep - read about insomnia on Arianna Huffington's website.

Celebrities I've interviewed include Brian Wilson and the "Cookie Queen' Dorie Greenspan.

In Tokyo, the Shapers of Taste held a Food for Thought Conference in 2017.


Other stories range from the history of Connecticut witch hunts, to horror writers of New England, the conundrum of Christmas, museums, nudism, sculpture, 15 years after a stage-4 cancer diagnosis, and more.

I am a member of the International Association of Professional Writers & Editors. IAPWE

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